CH ASureBet's & Tayann Dream Big
RBIS CanCH Tayann Abacab's Keeping Rhythm RA CanCH High-Society Firecracker CanCH Abacab's Souvenir BISS AmCanCH Abacab's Total Eclipse ROM AmCanCH Top Shelf CrackerJack ROM
AmCanCH Abacab's Bold Mischief Encore ROM
BISS AmCanCH Abacab's Simply Irresistible TT
CH Top Shelf Sweet Lou ROM
BIS BISS AmCanCH Bold Mischief At Tijuana TT
AmCanCH Hi-Society's Desert Song Of Senoj CH Zuran Lord O The Jungl N HiSociety CH Apogee's Brave Sir Robin CD
AmCanCH Zuran's Lil' Miss Paydirt ROM
Hi-Society's Cool Water
AmCanCH Ri-Ja's Bronco Billy
CH Zuran's Daisymay 'N Hi-Society
CanCH Abacab's Drawn To The Rhythm CanCH Abacab's Ringleader AmCanCH Top Shelf CrackerJack ROM
AmCanCH Ri-Ja's Bronco Billy
CH Top Shelf's Starwitness
AmCanCH Abacab's Sunday Solitaire CH Top Shelf Sweet Lou ROM
AmCanCH Abacab's Midnite Madness
Al-Mar's That Girl CH Ri-Jas Fistful Of Dollars CH Hi-Society Ri-Ja Montana Cowboy
CH Ri-Ja's D'Kota Sunshine
Al-Mar's I Am Woman CH Noell's Letter To The Editor
Al-Mar's Magnum Force
Highridge Every Kiss Begin's With Kay @ ASureBet
CH One And Only Torques BN RI
EE/LV/LT/SL JCH, BY CH, LT JW 2015 X-Man Arrives From The Past Torques AM/NO/SE CH MtnViews He's The Bees Knees AmCanCH Kennedy's Rhinestone Cowboy At MtnView
Kennedy Second Times A Charm At MtnView
MD/NO/CR CH Kennedy Strong As The Wind CH Kennedy's Wild Rocket Man
Kennedy's Wild Prairie Wind
BG/BK/AZ/GE/ME/CY/MD/CR/RO CH, BG GCH Cristina Torques BG/ME/MK CH Bright & Brindle's Dark Secret Bright & Brindle's Eternal Flame
Charisma's Joy At Bright & Brindle
GE/BK/MD CH BG GCH Daniela Torques AM/DE CH Kennedy's Ted Williams Way
PL JCH & CH Une Miss France Torques du Grand Fresnoy
BISS GCH Highridge N' Hilltops Say It With Diamonds BISS CH Just The Love Machine Du Rocher Des Ducs RN BISS DE/FR/NL CH Kennedy's Wild Rock N' Roll With Hessenvilla CH Pic A Dillie Kennedy Of Bramley ROM
CH Wild's Kiss This At Kennedy
IntCH Good Idea Des Gardiens Du Bois Clerbault CIB FR CH T-Bo's Dandy Diamonds
Diva Du Bois Clerbault
GCH Hooligan's Dipped In Gold At Highridge N Hilltop AmCanCH MacKendricks All Flash No Cash GCH Sharon Valley Stryk'N'It Rich
CH MacKendrick Icetea 42 Bydorkay
CH Tam-Ra's Investing N Gold BIS MBISS AM/RO GCH HR/CZ/SL CH Tam-Ra's Mega Millionaire
CH T-Bo's Chatty Cathy

ASureBet Boston Terriers and Joy Attwood-Howard

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