ASureBet's Super Girl
CH Sidestreet Guardian Yes, No, Maybe So
CH Wild's Just A Gigolo At Kennedy CH Kennedy's Elite Maestro Teddy ROM CH Kennedy's Piano Man ROM
CH Kennedy's Boston Pops
CH Kennedy's Crown Jewel Bijou
Elite Kennedy's Summer Storm CH Kennedy's Storm Watch Bramley ROM
Elite's Command's Seventies Style
CH Pequag's Call Of The Wild ROM CH Pequag's Wild About Harry CH Kennedy's Knotty Casanova
CH Pequag Promise To Keep ROM
CH Pequag's J's Take 'Em By Storm CH Kennedy's Storm Watch Bramley ROM
CH Pequag's Designer Jeans ROM
Guardian's Miss Congeniality CH Bunyip Kennedy's Wild Walkabout CH Kennedy's Wild Lincoln Navigater CH Pic-a-Dillie Kennedy of Bramley
CH Kennedy's J Navigater
CH Bunyip's Broadway Gypsy
CH Kennedy's Wild Renegater
CH Bunyip's Maxine O'Dell
CH Sunwood's Glamourous CH Sunwood's Repeat Performance CH Sunwood's Standing Ovation
Impreska Collect On Delivery
CH Sunwood's Comet by Cosmo CH Flashpoint's Cosmic Ray
Flashpoint Southern Comfort by T-Bo
Tayann Fancy Is ASureBet GCH ASureBet's He's Got Swagger
AmCanCH Kennedy's Tuckered By The Storm ROM AmCanCH Kennedy's Storm Watch Bramley ROM AmCanCH Brandy's Kennedy-Rudolf Valntno ROM
CH Kennedy's C'est La Vie ROM
CH Kennedy's Naughty Nadia CH Kennedy's Piano Man ROM
CH Kennedy's J's Storm Alert ROM
CH Kennedy's Wild Poetry In Motion
CH Nipmuc's Mystic Shakespeare In Love CH Kennedy's Pucker Up for Donmar
CH Nipmuc's Picabo ICU
Garnet Rock Rain On Me For Kennedy CH Kennedy's Elite Maestro Teddy ROM
Garnet Rock J's Miss Diana
CanCH Tayann KissAngel
CanCH Tayann Abacab's Keeping Rhythm RA
CanCH High-Society Firecracker
CanCH Abacab's Souvenir
AmCanCH Hi-Society's Desert Song Of Senoj
CanCH Abacab's Drawn To The Rhythm
CanCH Abacab's Ringleader
Al-Mar's That Girl
CanCH Tayann Abacab's Lust For Life
CanCH Abacab's Abracadabra CanCH Jax Ace's Ace At Abacab
Abacab's Holly Bearie
Abacab's All About Josephine
CanCH High-Society Firecracker
Coeurdeforet Dream Of Abacab

ASureBet Boston Terriers and Joy Attwood-Howard

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