CH ASureBet's Cheers To Onyx
CH ASureBet's Destiny Still Arrives CanGCH AmCH Tayann
Incredible Awesomeness
GCH ASureBet's He's Got Swagger AmCanCH Kennedy's Tuckered By The Storm ROM AmCanCH Kennedy's Storm Watch Bramley ROM
CH Kennedy's Naughty Nadia
CH Kennedy's Wild Poetry In Motion CH Nipmuc's Mystic Shakespeare In Love
Garnet Rock Rain On Me For Kennedy
CanCH Tayann KissAngel CanCH Tayann Abacab's Keeping Rhythm RA CanCH High-Society Firecracker
CanCH Abacab's Drawn To The Rhythm
CanCH Tayann Abacab's Lust For Life CanCH Abacab's Abracadabra
Abacab's All About Josephine
CH Campbell Clan &
ASureBet's Working Girl
CH Campbell Clan's American Gigilo AmCzCH Campbell Clan's Lamburgini Legacy BISS GCH Sunwoods Lamburgini, ROM
CampbellClans Heavenly GlacialGoddess
Meadows Likitysplit Princess Tootsie JK's Obsessed With Romance
Rocky Road Bella Roo Whiskey
CH Campbell Clan's Get Off Your High Horse! CH Campbell Clan's Smooth Criminal BISS GCH Sunwoods Lamburgini, ROM
Campbell Clan's Love In The First Degree
Campbell Clan's Mmm Mmm Good! MultiCH Campbell Clan's He's Got The Moves Like Jagger, BN, RE, OA, OAJ, CA, CGC
CH Campbell Clan's American Honey
Dorkay's U Were Meant for ASB CanCH Dorkay's Drop It Like It's Hot
CanCH Dorkay's Coupla Cupsa Tea CanCH Dorkay's Different Cuppa Tea CGN CanCH Dorkay N FourOaks Tea For Two
CanCH Four Oaks Social Disorder
CanCH Dorkay's Vegas Showgirl
CanCH Blumoon Time For Tea At Dorkay
Dorkay's What Happens In Vegas
CanCH Dorkay's Some Like It Hot Teenangel's Tribute To Brando
CanCH Blumoon Time For Tea At Dorkay
CanCH Mtn Views Viva Las Vegas
CanCH Sulfity Hot N Cosmic At Dorkay
CanCH Dorkay's Hot Vegas Nights
CanCH Sunwood's Destin To Be Cosmic
Dorkay's Illusion
GCH MtnView And Dorkays No Tell Motel
AmCanCH Dorkay's Hot Vegas Nights AmCanCH Mardou's Possibly Awesome
AmCanCH Four Oaks Social Disorder
CH Sunglos Galloping Glitz
AmCanCH Kennedy's Rhinestone Cowboy At MtnView
CH Sunglos's Kiss Me I'm Electra
MtnView N' Dorkay's Heaven Sent
AmCanGCH Dorkay's Different Cuppa Tea CGN
AmCanCH Dorkay N FourOaks Tea For Two
AmCanCH Four Oaks Social Disorder
BISS AmCanCH Guardians Angel At MtnView
CH Kennedy's Wild Lincoln Navigator
CH Sunwood's Glamorous

ASureBet Boston Terriers and Joy Attwood-Howard

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